Crafted a mark that anchored this Hawaiian surf-inspired streetwear brand in the elemental connection with the water that inspired it.


Founded in 2015, Hawao is a brand that supports people who live an active outdoor lifestyle. Whether you are single or married, have a GED or PHD, make minimum wage or are in the 1%, Hawao’s brand celebrates the individual in you. We represent men and women who want to live a dynamic and fun lifestyle, while looking and feeling good doing it. 


Inspired by the Hawaiian and global surf and skate culture, each Hawao piece is unique with original graphics and patterns influenced by Mother Nature.  An appreciation and enjoyment of one’s natural surroundings is an integral part of the Hawaiian culture and a key element in which Hawao hopes to showcase. Our brand tells a familiar story that many people can relate to. This story represents the merging of different cultures and the navigation of molding an identity to be compatible and complementary. 


The designs intricately reinterpret past trends and blend them with current fashion to form a new modern aesthetic. Contemporary simplicity is what drives the design process when creating our products.  Our dedication to using materials like premium fabrics that are soft, cool and comfortable to wear prove to be a great fit for any body type.


Hawao strives to create an `ohana or team framework. Based on the foundation that with the right support, achieving one’s dreams and goals will become a reality. We hope to inspire others to live life to the fullest while holding on firmly to one’s roots and values. Just as individuals grow and adapt to the demands of life, it is our humble mission to continue to transform with ever changing innovative designs and products. Like “keep calm and carry on” posters, used to boost morale in World War 2, our vision for a new generation is to stay “true and pursue” the life you wish to live.